Currently O’Neill Painting is only accepting clients for Consulting, DIY consulting and Color consulting.  If you have a project that you think I should consider, please call me.

O’Neill Painting takes our place in the community seriously.   We seek to go beyond the greenwashing that many companies tout as an “environmental” choice.   Our company uses low and no VOC paints, and the best prep and lead safety practices in town.  Our workers are all 100% covered and legal, and paid above industry standard, allowing them to have a living wage.  Our company is completely licensed and insured.

We offer a wide range of home and office based services… from consulting projects and job planning, to finishing touches.

We also do some unique work…. like adding a chalkboard to your wall, or turning your bathroom into a giant dry-erase marker, or gilding the tops of concrete columns, or turning the fronts of your kitchen cabinets into one-of-a-kind artworks.  If we can dream it up, there is a way to do it.


I work hard to empower my clients to understand what choices they are making and why, so that they can continue to make the best and safest decisions.  The most environmentally and socially sound choices start, not with a can of paint, but with sound decisions.

If you are looking for a contractor to work towards the healing of your spaces, and in cooperation to realize your projects full potential, please call me to set up an appointment.