sustainable painting

I’m firmly into my summer season…. thinking about sustainability.

How can we build a sustainable world through painting?

I think the answer starts with quality.  There is nothing more environmentally sound than a job well done.  The best can of “green” paint does not come close to matching the economic impact, over time, of doing proper prep work, removing lead paint in a safe and secure manner, or taking the time to properly apply a good thick layer of paint.

I’m also thinking about sustainability with people.  I have for years hired workers legally, even though it costs twice as much.  Our industry is hurting from workers paid under the table.  Workers are abandoned if they get hurt.  Social security is not paid into.  Wages are depressed for the workers and the company owners.  Homeowners in this state are legally liable if an under the table worker gets hurt on their property, gumming up the legal system.  It’s time that we start treating workers doing some of the hardest jobs in America as humans, and stop treating them as disposable.

Everyone deserves a fair chance to thrive, particularly those workers at the bottom end of the scale.

Legal labor and  a fair market price are within reach of most of us.  Until we all are safe, no one is safe.