Choosing a painting contractor

The more care and consideration you put into a project, the greater the rewards.  The last step in many home projects, painting, can make lasting investments, last even longer.  We can transform this from a separate task into an opportunity for investment and expression.

I am looking to be a part of a community of builders, tradespeople and homeowners who want to invest in the homes in our town.  I have found that I want to work with clients who are  invested in the process of taking care of their house. People who want to leave their home in better shape than they found it.  People who want to protect their neighbors from toxins.  People who care about how their decisions impact the health of workers and the planet.

There are many ways to go about this process, and most homeowners aren’t aware of the chains of decisions that go into a quality job.

For this reason, I am now offering home assessments instead of “free estimates”, to help clients make sense of their needs.  Every project is different.  Every home and person has different needs. It’s easy to find out what work is appropriate and affordable for you.   We can look at the problems your home faces at it ages and how can we best take care of these issues.

Spending a little time to answer these questions now could save you thousands of dollars in the future.

When investing in property upgrades like painting, isn’t it worth it take a closer professional look?

I am looking to find the best way for you to come home and go “aaah”

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